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Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One Community

NuBrides Y C is a youth collaborative that works with youth from ages 16-24 years old in Sonoma County. We help develop young people's understanding of themselves and how their world works, after all, these children are our future! We here at NuBrides are a grassroots organization established in 2017 but the “Tribe” here has been working with Sonoma County's Youth for over 25 years and counting. Focusing on our BIPOC youth but ALL are Welcome!!

Mission Statement 
Our primary focus is on the whole individual, our mission is to give them life skills; both personal and professional, while maintaining body, mind and spirit, that will provide a sense of autonomy and success to take out into the world.

Vision Statement
“We want to see youth not only strive to be the best versions of themselves in life, but thrive to be the best versions of themselves in their communities where they live and serve.

Program Offerings

With NuBridges, your young person is in for a unique experience North of the Golden Gate! NuBridges is a heart-centered program that offers a sense of humanity that anyone would be proud of! 

We provide skills such as but not limited to the following:

Transformative Leadership- through our L.E.A.D. Program  Leadership Education Advocacy Diversity this program is a Four week program that will give them leadership skills and transform them into the leaders that they strive to be. Through hands-on leadership  through activities, development, etc. Educate them on the different types of leadership styles they can adapt according to their natural abilities. Learn how to advocate for their beliefs and find their own voice to advocate for themselves, and last but not least learn how to diversify  the ways in which they lead. 

Cultural Competence- Alliance Building through Restorative practices to create a moral compass of  understanding that will create and foster relationships of all kinds in the spaces they hold.


Mental Health and Wellness-  dealing with trauma and everyday stressors through various programs; 

 Art & Soul- Expressive Arts; painting, music, poetry, pottery and more!

Quiet Space- Turning off the world and tuning into self. We provide  space for young folks to take a break from life, through sound  bathing, good old fashion naps, and focus activities.

Yoga- We have a variety of community partners that come in and  provide yoga sessions to NBYC youth. Meditative activities; breathing exercises, sound healing, music affirmations, etc.


 Mshari Program- Peer to Peer Mentoring; using co-counseling skills to serve one another; open discussions about life with solutions for life  applications.

        -Ujuzi approach- (Independent Living)

        -Financial Literacy-T.U.R.F.S. Teens Understanding Real Financial Success;

        -Professional and Personal Development- Resumes, interviewing, applicable internet and computer skills, self            development; behavioral, character, self esteem, awareness of self, etc.


  Building Bridges to Create land Masses-  This is a commUnity building component, working with community agencies, networking county wide and beyond! his includes community service projects; such as, food distributions, feeding the homeless, working collaboratively with other non profits on  special projects as well. Also  this component offers community resources to them with a need  such as food, housing information and financial assistance resources and  more!


The Goal

The goal at NuBridges is to have our participants leaving the program with the skills and fortitude needed in Life, Leadership, different Cultural spaces as well as emotional intelligence. They will be equipped in knowing a bit more about themselves, and becoming more confident about the independence they’ve gained through the program.

NuBridges Tribe  (Volunteer Staff)

NuBridges’ Tribe are ALL volunteer staff who have been working in the nonprofit sector with youth for over 25 years and still hold a burning flame in their hearts for Sonoma County's Youth. These folks are dedicated to your child’s success in being the best they can be. When your young person comes to the program you will both meet the ‘Tribe’ during our orientation, the caring people that make it all happen. After all, it takes a village to raise a child! 
Our 2023 Tribe includes community leaders, members and agency partners


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Our Village includes the following Members & Partners


Kristi "N'game'' Gray / Founder/Executive Program Director  

Sabryyah Abdullah / Director of Cultural Competence Education
Mshauri Program Director David Parnell Sr.

Lindsey Cacy/Pali Master/ Health and Wellness Partner 

Maria Sanchez / Nutrition Partner

Each of us go into this program with and "Attitude of Gratitude" of the living mantra “Each One Reach One”.

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